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Weekly Training Summary July 27 – August 3

Week of: July 27 – August 3

This will be a short and sweet recap. Official half marathon training hasn’t started yet, so I’ve been all over the place. Looking forward to establishing a routine again (and hoping my motivation returns!).

I’ll highlight just my runs over the last week:

Wednesday –

  • 1 mile @ 11:00 pace
  • As soon as I walked out the door it was like standing in an oven.

Thursday –

  • 1 mile @ 10:57 pace
  • 82 degrees at 6 AM with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 90!

Friday –

  • 3 miles @ 10:37 average pace
  • Not only was it 72 degrees, but it FELT like 72 degrees too!
  • My calves are extremely tight, which has been reoccurring for me lately.
  • I can tell that I need to work on activating my glutes, which is something I don’t usually do while running.

Total Distance –

  • A measly 5 miles.

Final Thoughts-

  • This was an interesting week for me. I feel like I’ve let the heat get the best of me mentally this summer. I’m not sure if it’s actually hotter and more humid, or if I’ve just had a harder time coping with it.
  • Last year I struggled with a lot of stomach troubles after running in the heat, which is something I’ve managed to avoid this year (yay!). Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • I’m glad I managed to get in 3 runs, even if they weren’t the originally planned distances. Running on vacation is tough, especially when you eat as much as we do!

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