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Weekly Training Summary: August 3 – 9

training summary august 3 - 9

Week of: August 3 – 9

This week consisted of vacation, travel and a race!

Let’s check out the highlights:

Wednesday –

  • 1 mile @ 9:54
  • Just a quick jog while we were in Pennsylvania visiting Dan’s family.
  • Was the coolest run in the last month — 67 degrees!
  • Sometimes it feels like all we do on vacation is eat — which is awesome, but makes it tough for me to run.

Friday –

  • 2 miles @ 10:42 average pace
  • Post-travel run back in Memphis!
  • This was the first run with my new Fitbit Charge HR! I love that I’m able to see heart rate data throughout the day and after my workout. The distance wasn’t entirely accurate, but I also haven’t calibrated my stride yet.

Sunday –

  • 5 miles @ 10:51 average pace
  • This was the Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series 5 Miler race! Read my recap here.
  • Not only was this my first 5 mile race, but it was also my fastest 5 mile run ever.
  • Finish time: 54:40 (Official), 54:44 (Garmin) – new PR!

Total Distance –

  • 8 miles.

Final Thoughts-

  • When I ran using the Galloway Method, I had the same pace no matter how long I was running. Now that I’ve moved away from that, I’m still finding my comfortable pace. I’d like to learn more about ‘easy runs’ vs. ‘race pace’ and begin working that into my weekly training runs.
  • Half marathon training starts next week! I’m not training for a goal race at the moment, but the Road Race Series does have two half marathons in November that I’d like to be prepared for!
  • How did you know you were ready to run a marathon? I’m uhhh…asking for a friend.

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