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Weekly Running Recap


Week of: July 6 – 12.

Goal: ??

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, other than getting out there. I’ve been thinking that I’m not ‘in training’, but I guess now that the Road Race Series has started, I have two half marathons to get ready for! They’ll be here before I know it.

More to come on that front!


  • 2 miles @ 10:32 pace
  • Easing back into it after a rough weekend of being sick (and it being the 4th of July). I’m having a tough time mentally not walking, but running without watching my pace is helping.

Tuesday – Nada


  •  2 miles @ 10:41 pace
  • Planned out a new 4 mile route to play catchup, but ended up feeling ill partway through. I walked the rest of the way home.

Thursday – Nothing

Friday – Nope!

Saturday – ‘Long’ Run

  • 4 miles @ 10:43 pace
  • This run was HOT. I stopped (and paused my watch) a few times and took some walk breaks during the last 2 miles. I keep hoping my body will adapt to the heat. I’m sure it has, but it can be hard to feel the difference.
  • Listened to something for the first time in over a year! I’ve been running headphone-free for such a long time, but it was nice to have a bit of a distraction.

Sunday – Race Day!

  • MRTC Road Race Series 5k #1 @ 10:53 pace
  • Read the recap here.
  • Tried out my new Flipbelt. Finally, something that fits my phone! I used to store it in my Nathan Quickdraw, but when I upgraded to the iPhone 6 I no longer had anything to stash it in. I ran the Little Rock Half Marathon with my phone in my hand! So nice not to worry about it today.
  • FYI for 5K #2: ALL of mile 3 is in direct sun. Plan accordingly!

Total Distance: 11.13 miles

Up Next:

  • I’ll be traveling for work part of this week but I hope to get a run or two in while I’m gone. I’ll have some gorgeous scenery that I can’t wait to explore on foot!
  • MRTC RRS 5K #2 is coming up on July 26!

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