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Training Summary: July 20 – 26

training summary july

The last week has just flown by!

Week of: July 13 – July 19

Goal Check-In:

As I mentioned last week, I hadn’t quite figured out my half marathon training plan to get me through the remainder of the MRTC Road Race Series. I spent some time during the last week putting together my plan and I feel really good about it. I’ll be using a Higdon Half Marathon training plan as a base. Some of the weeks will be modified slightly due to races in the series, but for the most part I’m sticking with the training plan as written.

Ok, let’s get to the recap!

Monday –

  • 3 miles @10:34 average pace
  • It was WAY too hot out (high of 99, and it was over 80 at 7 AM) so I figured today was a good day to try some treadmill running!
  • My breathing was comfortable and I enjoyed not worrying about maintaining a particular pace.
  • I had to stop for a few seconds around mile 2.5 because my foot and right calf had fallen completely asleep. Weird!

Tuesday –

  • Nothing

Wednesday –

  • 2 miles @ 11:05 average pace
  • So muggy! It had rained overnight so it was a little cooler but much more humid than usual.
  • I attempted and achieved negative splits.
  • This run reminded me that it’s MUCH easier to hold a pace on a treadmill (duh).

Thursday –

  • 3 miles @ 10:41 average pace
  • More negative splits!
  • My right leg started to fall asleep again around 2.5 miles. I loosened my laces at the end of the run so we’ll see if that helps.

Friday –

  • Nothing

Saturday & Sunday –

  • We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with some great friends for a seafood boil! I had so much fun but realized when we got home that I had just spent the last 4 hours sitting outside and sweating in 100 degree weather. Maybe not my smartest idea?
  • I woke up with an incredibly painful Charley horse on Saturday night. Have you ever had one of these before? Ouch!
  • Sunday morning I felt less than great when I woke up but pushed it out of my mind because it was time for the second 5K of the MRTC Road Race Series!
  • You can read the full recap of the race here. I love seeing so many Memphis runners get together for these races! I’m also very lucky that my boyfriend, my best friend and a few other friends of ours have all signed up to do the series too. It’s so fun carpooling together and hanging out after the race!

Total Distance –

11.15 miles or 1 hour, 58 minutes of running!

Up Next –

  • I have a mini vacation coming up! It calls for a slightly modified training schedule, but it’s worth it to spend time with people I love.

Goal for Next Week –

  • Run as planned. I have three runs to get in before I leave for vacation and I don’t want to miss one!

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