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MRTC Road Race Series Recap – 5 Miler #1

MRTC Road Race Series 5 Miler

Road Race Series Recap – 5 Miler

Another Sunday, another great race! We woke up well before sunrise to get ready for the first 5 miler of the MRTC Road Race Series. Today’s race was held in Bartlett, which is about a 20 minute drive from our house.

The Course:

Road Race Series Recap - 5 Miler

The course for today’s race was a welcome change from the 5Ks. We had plenty of shade throughout, lots of turns (not great for tangents, but keep things interesting), and some nice rolling hills. There were a few sections of the course in full sun, but this was nothing like the 5K course that kicked my butt in our very first race of the series.

The last .75 miles go through the park to the finish line. While I wouldn’t call it single track, it’s definitely much more narrow than the neighborhood streets we covered during the rest of the race. I wasn’t surrounded by too many other runners for this section, but you’ll definitely want to be mindful of those around you (especially if you decide to take a walk break!).

The Race:

We started in waves divided by pace, which is one of my favorite things about these races! If nothing else, the 30 second break between huge groups helps us spread out so I don’t have to throw as many elbows weave between as many people.

The one thing I was disappointed with this week was the number of water stops. I 100% acknowledge that I have been spoiled by other races (half marathons especially) with water stops every mile along the course. We had just 2 stops during the 5 miles – one at mile 2 and another at mile 4.

Ordinarily this would be no big deal since I usually run with hydration during the summer. For some reason, I decided at the last minute to leave my Nathan Quickdraw in the car this morning. The upside? It kept me motivated! Every time we turned the corner I hoped we’d see a water stop. I’ll make sure to bring some with me next time!

I didn’t see anything other than water and Nuun available at the finish line, but I usually enter a zombie-like state immediately after summer races where all I can think about is waaaaaterrrrrrr. I’ll keep an eye out next week!

Parking was easy — we got there early enough to grab a spot inside the park. There seemed to be plenty of street parking around the neighborhood too.

The Results:

This was an automatic PR! I’ve run 4 milers and 10Ks, but never a 5 miler.

Road Race Series Recap 5 Miler Time

Smashrun says:

  • First run in Bartlett
  • Fastest 5mi ever.
  • Fastest 8k ever.
  • Longest duration run in a month.
  • Longest run in a month.
  • Most calories burned in a month.
  • Most elevation gained in a month.
  • Most elevation lost in a month.

Not bad! For comparison, here are my previous 5 mile runs (none of these were races, most were using the Galloway Method):

Road Race Series Recap 5 Miler Smashrun

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