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Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series 5K #2

road race series 5K

Today was the second MRTC Road Race Series 5K!

Two weeks ago we kicked off the summer race series with the first 5K. You can read the recap here.

Race Logistics –

Once again, the race was well organized with corrals at the start divided by pace, volunteers throughout the course, well marked turns, two water stops staffed by very sweet supporters, and all kinds of snacks, water and Nuun at the finish line. I enjoyed running the same course a second time.

I think we had an even larger crowd this morning than last time, which is awesome! It’s great to see so many people of all ages getting together to race even in the heat and humidity of a Memphis summer. Everyone was kind and encouraging too, which is always great to see!

In terms of my performance, I mentioned a few times that I had a goal for this race to not take a single walk break. And to be honest with you — I absolutely did not accomplish that goal.

While I still found myself walking bits and pieces of the 3rd mile, I managed to come in almost half a minute faster than 5K #1. Not my best time ever, but I’m happy with it considering we spent much of the day outside eating and drinking with friends at a seafood boil on Saturday!

Race vs. Race –

Let’s compare these two races side by side:

road race series 5K 1 best paceroad race series 5K best pace

My overall average pace was much faster, and my best pace was a minute faster! I was surprised when I checked my watch during the first two miles to find myself running between 9:10 and 10:00 minute miles — it definitely felt like I was cruising along at at least a 11:00 mile pace. I knew I could build myself a pretty nice cushion so that I wouldn’t lose quite as much time if I walked during that last wickedly hot mile.

road race series 2 - Performance road race series 5K 1 - Performance

SPI is a pretty neat feature from Smashrun – “The Smashrun Performance Index (SPI) is a value derived from a performance curve to help you compare runs of similar effort across various distances.”

So I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here but compared to the last 90 days, today’s 5K was in my top 7% vs. 5K #1 which was in the top 20%.

road race series 5k Speed over Route

Smashrun RRS 5K

Finally, we have my change in speed over route. At first glance, this doesn’t seem to impressive, but this week’s run (top) settled nicely into the 9:30s for quite some time. I hovered around 10:30 pace for much of the first 5K, with a bit of a kick at the end. Today’s race saw a much longer, faster kick for the finish.

As a Smashrun Pro member, I have access to some awesome in-depth analytics. You can see some examples on the Smashrun Blog. I’m excited to learn more about my performance so that I can start putting all this data to good use!

What’s next?

The next race in the series is a 5 miler in Bartlett! I’ve never done a 5 mile race before, so this should be fun…and an automatic PR. My favorite kind!

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