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Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series 5K #1

Yesterday morning we rolled out of bed before 6 AM and headed out for the first 5K of the MRTC Road Race Series. It was 79 degrees by the time we started, and super humid!

The course for the Road Race Series 5K is pretty simple — fast with a few rolling hills in the beginning.

I didn’t have any specific pacing goals or strategy in mind for the race. I had done 4 miles the day before and could feel it in my legs. I’m not used to running multiple days in a row yet!

Smashrun RRS 5K

As you can see — the wheels fell off during the last mile. At first I said I’d only walk through water stops. But as we rounded the corner I realized we were about to be in direct sun for the entire mile. I could feel the energy of everyone around me change. I think we all slowed down together!

I knew it would be a hot run, but I wasn’t mentally prepared to push myself like I should have been. I’m great at making deals with myself during training runs (and races). Unfortunately, I’m also great at breaking deals with myself! I didn’t want to walk, but I ended up taking a few breaks to pour water under my hat and regroup.

Other than the expected summer running challenges, this was a great race! There was an awesome turnout and MRTC made the decision to use corrals. I loved this! (And I wish this had been in place for the M-Town series, which has huge 5ks with crazy mass starts.)

There were 2 water stops along the course. Water, fruit and cookies were available at the finish. Packet pickup is available race day. Since I registered ahead of time, my reusable chip and bib were mailed right to the house — easy!

My goal for RRS 5K #2 –

Do. Not. Stop. Running.

I have a really embarrassing but true confession: I don’t think I’ve ever run an entire 5k without walking. During training I can run 3.1 miles with no problem, but for some reason I get in my head every time I race. Next week? I won’t stop. Hold me to it!

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