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MRTC Road Race Series 5 Miler #2 Recap

Road Race Series Recap – the second 5 Miler

Here we are again for the second 5 miler of the MRTC Road Race Series! I’ve fallen slightly behind on race recaps thanks to the craziness of real life, but now that things have settled down I’m excited to catch up! It wasn’t until I sat down to write that I realized how much I’ve been running and racing lately, which is awesome!

The Course & the Race:

Road Race Series Recap - 5 Miler

For a more thorough recap of the course and race logistics, check out the recap of the first 5 miler of the series.

The Road Race Series is unique in that you run each course twice. After finishing both 10K races (more on this soon!) I’ve decided this is a gift and a curse. I enjoy running brand new routes and I also appreciate having some familiarity with the tougher parts of courses so that I can create a game plan for the second race of each distance. That being said, I did not have a game plan for this 5 miler — and it showed!

The Results:


I finished in 56:46 with an average pace of 11:14/mi. Compared to last week, that’s two minutes slower overall.

From the start I felt exhausted. Things that don’t usually hurt felt unbearable, and my legs didn’t want to move. I don’t know if I was dehydrated, hadn’t slept enough or just wasn’t feeling it that day. I decided early on to walk when I needed to and keep it easy.

I listened to one of my favorite podcasts for running — Ten Junk Miles — and powered through. Just like every run can’t be great, not every race will be your best race either.

Smashrun says:

  • Longest duration run in a month. (Thanks to those walk breaks!)
  • Longest run in a month.

Compared to my previous 5 mile training runs, this was my second fastest ever.

I ended up getting sick a few days later, and I was hit hard with a cold that just totally obliterated me for the entire week. I wonder if this race was the very early stages of the sickness.

Up next? We’re moving to Shelby Farms and tackling 10K!

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