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Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series

Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series

I needed some extra motivation to get me through summer (especially since I don’t have a fall race in mind at the moment), so I signed up for the Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series!

Running in the summer is tough. Running in the Memphis heat and humidity is downright brutal.

When I started running last year, the bulk of my training for my first half marathon took place during the summer. I figured this year would be about the same — hot but not unbearable. Sweaty but no big deal.

I ran into ITB issues partway through training last summer, which led to days off and lower mileage mid-June through August aka the hottest parts of summer. I’m not sure if I blocked out last year’s weather or what, because this is HARD!

I needed something to keep me motivated, which led me to the Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series.

The series includes 10 races and the series runs from July through November.

Distances include the 5k, 5 miler, 10K, 10 miler and the half marathon.

Each race is no-frills, meaning you won’t get a shirt or medal at every race. Complete all 10 races to unlock ‘Road Warrior’ status and earn some cool swag (which also gets you one of those 74.8 stickers everybody loves). If you complete either one race of each distance or any six races you’ll be a Series Finisher.

I registered to the entire series in one fell swoop (at an awesome priceby the way), and you can also register for the races individually.

Update: We’re in October now and I’m just a few races away from the end of the series! If you want to know more about the Road Race Series, check out the Races & Paces page.

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